Selling Your Business? Feeling Swamped?

If you are selling your business, you are already swamped with challenges and issues preparing for the transaction. Your management team need to be kept focussed on running and growing the business, but your advisors have given you a list of things that need tidying up, sorting out, improving and fixing - and that's before you hit the fun and games that is the Due Diligence process.

Any one of these challenges could upset the ability to get the deal done, but they are all incidental to the deal negotiation itself, which as principal, is absolutely down to you with your advisors. You need to bring in someone who has the breadth of experience to take over and deal with those things that should really not be taking up your time and adding to your stress levels.

How can Nigel help?

Here are a few of the problems you may be facing that Nigel can help with:

  • Management Accounts - if your monthly reporting is too slow, lacks proper consolidation with reconciliations and eliminations, or worse, is not even monthly, it needs sorting before deal-time. Your advisors will doubtless already have told you this!
  • Budgets and Forecasts - your monthly reporting is not lined up against a reliable budget, and a regularly updated forecast, or it is not clear how the financial budget and forecast align with (and are built from) your operational metrics, sales and personnel forecasts, etc.
  • Compliance Issues - there are known gaps in Financial, Legal, IT or HR compliance and reporting that need to be dealt with before they become a big issue during Due Diligence and become a barrier to Get The Deal Done
  • Due Diligence - anyone who tells you that this will be easy and painless is either lying or hasn't been through it! No matter how well organised you and your organisation are now, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be issues that come back to haunt you during this process - gaps in paperwork, inconsistent internal management information, version control issues with prior period/year reports, things you'd forgotten that you ever remembered.
    The Due Diligence process will take up a huge amount of time for you and those of your management team that know about and are involved in it. It needs strong leadership and guidance, as well as detailed project management, to ensure that all the information being provided to the buyer is consistent and accurate and timely. It also needs experience to spot issues early, bringing them to the attention of you and your advisors so they can be sorted out quickly, or at least communicated to the buyers in a managed way that does not become detrimental to the deal.

Working Together


Nigel is based in the UK but will travel wherever he is needed to Get The Deal Done . This can include spending time in your offices, but this depends partly on the sensitivity of the deal and who knows about it. Often, it ends up with a combination of working remotely and meeting directly with you and other senior management either in or near your offices. Serviced Office accomodation is often a good temporary solution for the 'deal team', particularly in the later stages e.g. during Due Diligence.


If you are about to enter the Due Diligence phase (or are already in it), then you probably need help full-time for a short duration. Subject to availability, Nigel can be up and running with you in hours if needed.

Alternatively, if you've got a longer-term fix-list and are not as close to the transaction date, you may find that engaging Nigel on a part-time basis is the most cost-effective way of leveraging his experience and assistance. This can, of course, be flexible - come deal-time, we can switch to a full-time basis for as long as necessary to Get The Deal Done .


Services are invoiced from our UK company, EPM Gurus Limited. If necessary, we can suppress the Get The Deal Done branding to reduce awkward questions from the Accounts Payable team!

Our fees are agreed in GBP, and are usually payable monthly. Fees can be calculated on a day-rate basis or we can agree fixed fees for certain work packages - however, the normal caveats apply - fixing a fee is only really possible after the initial 'getting to know each other' phase, and still brings the risk that we end up in a difficult discussion if the scope of the work changes (and you can guarantee that it will, in the run-up to a deal!)

What about Risk and Reward? Again, depending on the circumstances, we may be happy to negotiate a fee structure based partially on a 'success fee' on deal completion. Much as with fixed-price arrangements, we would normally only consider this after we have got to know you, and vice versa.

If it sounds like we're speaking your language, Please contact Nigel Dahl through LinkedIn using the button below, or call him now on +44 (0)7799 664165.

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Who's behind Get The Deal Done ?

Nigel Dahl

Nigel Dahl,

Managing Director of Get The Deal Done , brings 30 years of diverse experience to bear in helping organisations and teams through change – of size, structure, systems, management or ownership.

Nigel has run, advised, supported or worked with Finance functions from one-person operations up to globally dispersed Finance departments of several thousand people. He knows what good (and bad!) looks like.

Nigel was co-founder and CFO of a consultancy that grew to 70 people before being sold to Deloitte - subsequently, he has helped other organisations in their preparations for sale.

For example, he helped Orbium, a Swiss-headquartered 500+ person international consultancy, through their Due Diligence process and Share Purchase Agreement negotiations, during their sale to Accenture. Nigel managed the process, in close collaboration with Orbium's advisors, Equiteq, and provided both practical hands-on support as well as advice and guidance to the partners and senior executive management team.

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